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Prevention is KEY! 

Regular dental cleaning appointments and doctor exams are essential to overall health! 

Preventing inflammation (gingivitis, swollen gums) that can occur with bacteria that we naturally have, in conjunction with bacteria transformation with certain foods, is important to our body's immune system. Gums that are inflamed and ignored lead to harmful bacteria and deteriorating bone, which causes pain and tooth loss. 

Proper daily brushing for two minutes, flossing under tissue and rinsing with a FL2 mouthrinse and routine dental cleanings/checkups are important in the elimination of harmful bacteria and restoring your smile. 

Our preventive dental hygiene team, Johanna and Dawn, work hand-in-hand to meet your expectations, educate you on the importance of eliminating bacteria, provide full oral cancer and tissue screening and are determined to put all of our patients needs and concerns first. 

Gum disease is the easiest of all diseases to treat, manage and heal. Our hygiene team provides routine prophylaxis cleanings and advanced periodontal cleaning and maintenance appointments, customizing what you need in order to maintain a healthy smile. A healthy foundation equals overall health! 

We are dedicated to answering all of our patient's questions and to providing all of the tools necessary to make an informative decision in preventative measures and treatment options. 

Come see our preventative team to discuss and treat your oral needs. At each visit, we provide intra-oral screenings to check for any abnormalities and put your mind at ease.

Natural Tooth Color Restorations

We offer a variety of tooth restorative services: tooth-colored fillings, gold- and tooth-colored crowns/bridges and veneers, as well as teeth whitening and custom shade expertise to achieve natural-looking results.

Over time, tooth fillings can leak and fracture naturally, allowing bacteria to enter in between the filling and the enamel. 

If you need to replace your older fillings with a durable, tooth-colored material or are in need of a full-coverage crown, Brian W Charles, DMD is here to make your experience truly stress free. 

 *Conscious nitrous sedation available for your comfort.

Cosmetic Veneers And Full Coverage Crowns

Veneers and crowns may also be of interest in transforming your natural smile by closing in spaces, lengthening crowns and camouflaging tooth wear. 

We also do custom shading of restorations to meet your expectations! 

**Options to create a whiter smile are available prior to any permanent tooth replacement therapy to tranform your smile (ZOOM2).

Satisfaction is our guarantee and we will make sure that your visit is a great one.

Create A YOUTHFUL Smile With Our Teeth Whitening Options!

Achieve the youthful appearance you deserve! 

THE RESULTS ARE REAL! Take away coffee/tea stains, smooth out mottled enamel from braces/genetics and brighten natural dark teeth with our in-office or take-home whitening system. 

Diagram of a fixed partial denture bridge

Two hour, ZOOM2 in-office teeth whitening - $395 *custom trays included 

Take home teeth whitening kit - $189 *Custom trays and whitening gel 

Gift certificates available!

*Cosmetic crowns and veneers

We create smiles!

Mold used to make replacement teeth

Replacement Of Single Or Multiple Teeth Options

Saving natural teeth is ideal for overall mastication and oral health. But, when this is not possible, you have options at Brian W Charles, DMD, Family Dentistry and Cosmetic Esthetics. 

Whether you need to replace one or multiple teeth, filling in that space is important to maintain function, support bone and keep adjacent teeth from shifting.

* Root Replacement Therapy (implant) and crown restorations 

* Fixed Crown and Bridge restorations 

* Removable partial dentures and full dentures 

* Space maintainers for children

Specialty Services For Your Convenience

Brian W Charles, DMD, in McCall, Idaho, goes beyond general dentistry, offering specialty services such as endodontic (root canal therapy), oral surgery and implant placement. Consultations are encouraged to go over your personal concerns, expectations and treatment options!

Emergency Treatments

Endodontic therapy (root canal therapy) is a sequence of treatments for the pulp of a tooth, which results in the elimination of infection and protection of the decontaminated tooth from future microbial invasion. The end result is your own functional tooth.

Root Replacement Therapy Available

We offer single or multiple implant placements and crown restorations for a functional "root" replacement.

Diagram of a root canal
Smoothing out facial tissue using Botox

Cosmetic Esthetics: Botox and Juviderm

We have broadened our products in the cosmetic esthetics field by offering Botox and Juviderm, widely considered the best available. Smooth out fine lines and inhibit deeper facial lines with our top-of-the-line esthetics. You will be pleased with the results and smile often! Consultations are welcome and encouraged. 

Call us today to discuss your cosmetic esthetic needs at (208) 634-7653. 

**Enroll in the Brilliant Distinctions Program and receive discounts on treatments.